Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the world famous Swedish footballer, has been spotted in Milan behind the wheel of his brand new Ferrari Daytona SP3. The sports car, recently unveiled at the Ferrari event ‘Universo Ferrari’, has a powerful V12 engine and is one of the most exclusive and rare Ferrari models.

Ibrahimovic, who currently plays for AC Milan, seems to be enjoying his new acquisition and is attracting a lot of attention on the street. It’s no surprise that the flamboyant footballer opts for a car as striking and impressive as himself. His statements can now be printed on tiles. He also recently announced that he would be available again for the Swedish national team, even though he had just said goodbye. The footballer is still active for AC Milan and it is therefore not surprising that he was spotted with this tyrant in this city. In any case, he attracted attention with the matte white copy. It is also the first copy in private hands. The fact that Ibrahimovic is behind the wheel of the 810 hp strong car is icing on the cake!